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Membership Information

The Port Hunter 4x4 Club invites you to discover all the benefits of membership. We welcome you to attend a meeting, tag along on a trip and have a chat with other members.

Membership enquiries can be answered by using the Contact Us form.

Why Join ?

The Club offers an opportunity for people with 4WD vehicles and interests in the outdoors to share their experiences and participate in recreational activities as a group. For the inexperienced this has the added advantage of providing an element of safety and eliminates the risk of being stuck in an isolated part of the bush by yourself.

Club members can obtain good discounts on products and services from many local sponsors.

As a member of the NSW & ACT 4WD, Port Hunter 4x4 Club is active in trying to prevent 4WD roads and tracks from being closed to responsible users.

Membership Requirements

Membership is open to all who are interested in the objectives of the club.

The Club's Objectives are designed to provide an overview of the Club's aims and are a guide to the behaviour expected of its members. You can read the Club's Objectives here.

You must make yourself familiar with the objectives, rules and consitution of the Club and be willing to support and abide by them.

If you are considering joining Port Hunter, it is required that your 4WD has low range capability, is currently registered and road worthy. The Committee requests all visitors to participate in -

  • 1 General Meeting before considering membership; and
  • 1 day trip or overnight 4WD trip.

The membership application is available in the monthly magazine, which can be obtained at the monthly club meeting.

A Membership Application form can also be downloaded by clicking on the link.

Your Membership Application will be reviewed by the Committee and if accepted, you will be notified by the Secretary. Upon receipt of the fees and registration into the members register, you become a member.

Membership includes:

  • the Monthly Club magazine;
  • access to the Members only section of the Clubs website;
  • Club discounts at a variety of camping and 4WD outlets;
  • great 4WD trips - days, weekends and longer;
  • new members receive 1 club car sticker ; and
  • as a member you may also purchase and display other club merchandise - caps, car stickers, shirts and stubby holders.

Memberships Fees

  • The Membership joining fee is $25.
  • The Annual membership fee is $60.
  • If you elect to have the magazine posted to you, an annual fee of $20 is payable (but it is also accessible via the members only section of the website).
  • The Annual fee is due at the December meeting each year.
  • Fees cover both an individual or family membership (including all children under 18).
  • If you join throughout the year, your first year's membership fee will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

An Annual Membership Renewal Form must be returned with your annual membership fee.

Becoming a Port Hunter 4x4 Club Member

The process of becoming a member of Port Hunter 4x4 Club has been designed to help potential members make an easy and unbiased decision in becoming a member.

4wd clubs are the perfect environment to explore and learn. There are lots of clubs in the Hunter and Lake Macquarie region and if Port Hunter doesn't offer what you are looking for try the Associations website at http://www.4wdnsw-act.asn.au/club_search.php to find one that suits.

It is your choice as to when you sign up for membership within the said guidelines. You will then need to approach 2 members of Port Hunter 4x4 Club to represent you for full Club membership.

Further enquiries about membership or requests for application forms can be made by using the Contact Us form.